ESPN Gridiron Challenge

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Group: The mIdGeT Invitational
Password: tegdim

Register, join the group, pick a team and try to outscore everyone every week with the best lineup. You get $50 to pick a team who you think will do the best in a given week. 2 QB/RB/WR and 1 TE/K/DEF spots.

Each player is priced according to their performance. After having a good game (does above the players points per week avg) his price will go up (never more than 0.4) and vise verse. If his MKT (market value) is lower than your LKD (locked in value), you can "renegotiate price" to clear up some cap room if you actually wanted to keep the player (when you reneg it will not effect the players who have gone up in value since you locked in their price). It will be clear when the player's price has gone down as you will see it in RED under CHG (value change). Prices normally get updated around 5am eastern each Tuesday if I remember correctly. You don't have to change your roster lineup...If you're lucky enough you'll do what I did last year and ride out a low priced top tier player to get your best bang for buck.

If you have any questions, I don't give a fuck...because it's all self explanatory.

it's open to as many people that want to join....just post your names on who's who below..
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