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man I havent been here in forever, but thought i would pop in to see if there was any ffb talk, only to be disappointed. wtf is KdL when you need him?

My league has taken on keepers (up to 2) this year and i havent decided if i should keep aaron rodgers or not, it really depends on who else decides to hang on to players. One guy actually has Vick, AP, and CJ. I think he's the only one I could see keeping 2 ppl I think. Ive got to get some RBs this year. I think I'm better prepared this year. I really have my eye on Ray Rice if he's not kept and is available since he acquisition of Leach. If he can block as good as he did for Foster last yr it should be good, and no McGahee = even more touches.

Whats everyone's thoughts on breakout RBs this yr? WRs?

Any advice on good sites with info rankings etc? I'm sure there are many others but KFFL.com allows you to plugin your league's scoring and generate a customized cheat sheet.

Lets here it KdL, Wolv...

Oh forgot - we also added Head Coaches this yr. Should be interesting.
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