9/11 Conspiracy...

Postby GTAce » Thu Nov 25, 2004 9:27 pm

I posted something like this in the ESF forums a while back

veeeeerrrry interesting stuff to look at...bookmark it and come back to it, bc it's a lotta info

<a href='http://www.apfn.org/apfn/flight77.htm' target='_blank'>Where's the plane linky</a>
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Postby cheese » Thu Nov 25, 2004 10:57 pm

Under our presidents wonderful regime and I do mean regime. Questioning such things as 9/11 or the war in Iraq, not to be confused with the war on terror is Un-Patriotic and Un-American.

You sir will be reported to the proper authorities, where you will be brainwashed.... I mean you will be Taught that you are wrong and no matter how much creditable evidence there is too prove otherwise you will still be wrong.

When you are "Cured" you will be under heavy watch for any such activity that shows you acting Un-Patriotic. Weither you are "cured" or not you will suddenly die in a car accident or some such accident which will result in nobody questioning the cause of it and simply write it off as an accident.

Have a good day

Long Live Our Dictator George W. Bush

Excuse my slight sarcasim I just found out one of the guys from work who I am really close to son died in the battle at faluja(SP) over in Iraq.
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Postby CRaZy)-(ØR§]® » Thu Nov 25, 2004 11:15 pm

lmao!1 dictator ?? I supose you think we live in a democracy and not a republic also..Bush is far from a dictator..I mean unless you can explain and backup how he is a dictator..

as for the pics on that site..
yeah i saw those on a few sites..mostly liberal extremest sites..it's all conspiracy theory stuff at work again...i guess the guy has never seen what happens to a plane when it hits concrete....if it was a missle or anything else it would have done more damage than that..the trade center you could still see part of one of the planes because it didn't hit concrete until it hit the main suports in the center of the building....but when it comes to concrete like the penegon has..planes turn to dust..it's like you smashing a gum wrapper with your hand..

Book mark this one and compare the pics with the guys sittin next to the debre..also look at the bright red dumpsters that are on your sites pic..
looks like the same thing those guys in the white suits are standing around...
<a href='http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ppfinal.html' target='_blank'>http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/ppfinal.html</a>

eye witness acounts
<a href='http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/911_pentagon_eyewitnesses.html' target='_blank'>http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/911_pent...ewitnesses.html</a>
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Postby [da]serial killer » Fri Nov 26, 2004 2:57 am

all i can say is that there are more issues in the states then outside the states.
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Postby Faded » Fri Nov 26, 2004 10:43 pm

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