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Postby Hazerduz » Thu Jul 21, 2005 1:53 pm

DesktopX is a utility that allows users to add new functionality and fun to their Windows XP/2000 desktops.

DesktopX works by giving Windows its own native desktop object system. It extends what can be put on the Windows desktop beyond icons. DesktopX objects can be put together to create mini-applications or create entire desktops. Users can then export their creations as widgets (for the mini-applications) or as entire desktops (.desktops) to share with other users.

The advantage of widgets is that they're generally lighter on resources than conventional stand-alone programs and are easy to create by casual users.

DesktopX 3.1 Pro allows users to export their widgets as gadgets. Gadgets are the same as widgets except that they don't require the enabling program -- they're stand alone programs. Hence, they have all the advantages of widgets (small file size, light on resources, easy to make) with none of their disadvantages (such as having to go tell people to download the mother program to use it).

DesktopX 3.1 comes with a bunch of new widgets, faster performance, smaller memory size, bug fixes, and lots of new features.

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Download: <a href='' target='_blank'>DesktopX 3.1</a>
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