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This is just a quick explanation of a few things regarding my reviews.
I want to point some important things out so you understand where I'm coming from when I write up one.

The OVERVIEW is simply a collection of facts about the game. What the objectives are, what kind of bonus levels or items there are to find, how many players can play, when it was released, etc. etc. Kind of like one of those One-Paragraph essays most of us did in school to sum something up quickly.

The GAMEPLAY section is where I discuss the controls, whether clunky or smooth, and I go into more detail about the story and generally how it feels to play the game. Do you get bored quick? Will you be bored of it in a week? Is the story well written or just filler? That kind of thing.

The GRAPHICS/MUSIC section is kind of self-explanatory. However, I do NOT judge graphics based on just realism. I find FAR too many game reviews do just that. I believe a game can have awesomely unrealistic graphics. When reviewing older games, I keep in mind that most games were designed to look and feel arcade-like. They weren't meant to be very realistic. Music will get a very low score if it gets repetitious or only consists of a few notes. The more memorable the music is (in a good way), the better the score.


I have final scores for Gameplay, Graphics/Music, and Fun along with an overall score.

Remember, a game can have awful graphics and music, but still be fun. I think the Fun score is the most important thing to look at. In my Super Off-Road review, the graphics and music had a pretty poor score, but the fun score was 8.9, which is pretty damn good. It would have been higher if the game didn't get boring after a few weeks of play.

What I'm saying I guess is that a very fun game might end up with a lower overall score simply because the graphics or sound is outdated. Don't put too much thought into the overall score, focus on the Fun score first!

Also some games might be far more fun with multiplayer. I'll try to mention this in the review if that's the case.

Lastly, keep the comments coming! I'd like to start doing some more recent games soon, but these classic reviews are good practice. Let me know what you think.
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