Tauren it Up!

Postby GTAce » Sun May 01, 2005 6:52 pm

That's our new Horde guild on Skywall......no, it's not a Tauren-only guild..crazy came up w/ the name and we loved it so much we said, eh, what the hell, let's dew it

It's cool, no 60 lvl char's runnin around...matter o fact...highest level char earlier today was 28

This realm has stolen me from Hyjal :huh: ... and not all of you have created a new char there yet :laser:

BTW...I've decided to allow anybody that asks, recruiting rights...So anybody in the guild can invite new members to the guild...I just want a whole buncha people so there's always somebody on to help out...I'll be the only one that can promote, for now...so all new members recruited by others will start as "initiate"...whenever i see that they arent some mass-murderer or something, i'll promote to member..and yes, crazy and slorg, you are recruiters
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me and draggy gonna fuck u up
syrus says:
it'll take two of you
|ESF{Draggy}ESF| says:
you cant touch me anymore and you know it
syrus says:
I'm coming hardcore now bitches
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bring it
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