I'll probably be getting this soon

Postby Lord Demonica » Wed May 31, 2006 1:08 am

Ok, ill probably be getting this soon, and quite awhile ago i decided i would probably be a night elf hunter. So, i have been wondering some things like, clans I would join, and what proffesions i should get.

Q1: Is night elf Hunter a good choice?
Q2: anyone here willing to recruit a newbie, and if so what server, and how many people are in it(the clan or whatever they call em in WoW)?
Q3: What professions would aid me the most?

NOTE: i may add questions as time goes on over the next week or so.
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Postby Slorg » Wed May 31, 2006 7:15 am

Proudmoore server.

Guild - Elite Strike Force (a complete and unrepentant knockoff of ESF from UT)

My WoW name - Mithral

Q1 - Yes, but you'll start on the "Horde" continent. There are 2 continents each featuring 3 races from one side, and 1 race from the other side. The Night Elves happen to be the oddball of the Alliance races and start on the continent with 3 Horde races.

Q2 - Yes, see above details.

Q3 - Skinning and Leatherworking, or Herbalism and Alchemy. Either set would be good in my opinion.
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Postby Lord Demonica » Wed May 31, 2006 9:12 pm

Alright, thanks Slorg, it'll be awhile and plus, i already knew starting points and stuff, awhile ago i looked into being a night elf hunter a long time ago and read a lot of stuff. :D
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