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Postby anddylanrew » Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:13 pm

Alright first off I want to say that I am making a guild in one of the new servers whenever they come out. I played and I got to lvl 60 as a rogue then realized that lvl 60 rogues are fairly useless in instances and I just generally stoped enjoying myself. Now that BG's are out I'm looking forward to getting back into the game but I'm waiting for a new server so I have a fresh start. I want to make a guild and actually run it right, one that encourages alot of teamwork/helping each other out instead of the msg people for instance runs and msg people when you need help that I saw in most of the guilds I played in.

However on another note since my account is frozen till I reactiviate it aka whenever they put out the next back of realms I was wandering if anyone could do me a favor and post a suggestion in the forums (since you can't post in the forums without and active WoW account). My suggestion was have servers that are intended to be high pop, medium pop and very low pop. Have the meduim and low pop servers have a limited number of people that can sign up on the realm.

Reason for the suggestion is that I've always enjoyed the atmosphere in MUD's where you know everyone and everyone has a certain roll, your not just playing with a million other people who your character has never interracted with before.

Then you have the medium pop servers for people who want to play with lots of people and have plenty of options open to them for changing guilds and guild recruitment but who don't wanna get lost in the masses.

And there are the high pop servers for the people who want to prove they are the best, people who want to do things like just be a blacksmith and have the people needed to focus on their trade skills and tons of competition and people for the 40 person instances... anyway

my aim is anddylanrew if anyone wants to talk about this suggestion with me.
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Postby GTAce » Mon Jun 13, 2005 5:22 pm

First, thanks for stoppin by...and it's good to hear you're gonna be back in the new realm whenever we get it...As far as posting your suggestions in the forums, well...I've just about given up doing that. Blizzard never takes those suggestions w/ a grain of salt....Sure, the CM's may read it, but that doesnt mean anything...there are too many kiddies there spouting about stupid little aspects of the game, oh well.

But hey! Best of luck with your new going horde or alliance?
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Postby anddylanrew » Mon Jun 13, 2005 6:09 pm

Gonna go Horde since last time I was alliance. Gonna be either a priest mage or druid. Can't decide which yet....
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